Thanks to years of experience in implementing lighting solutions and control systems, clients secure a high level of expertise that spans from planning electrical installation concepts to the successful completion of construction projects. The same applies to modern security systems, where, as a comprehensive provider, Elektro Exenberger not only consolidates all services but also optimally integrates them to achieve a perfect end solution.

To make a significant contribution to climate protection, great attention is given to renewable energies. The goal is to generate and store as much self-produced energy as possible through sensible planning, assembly, and installation of the electronic system in each project. This approach aims to reduce energy costs and sustainably protect the climate.

At Elektro Exenberger, modern requirements for IT and network solutions are also met. The company consistently develops an IT infrastructure that aligns with the latest technology and is characterized by the highest level of reliability. Hand in hand with coordinated multimedia solutions, every home becomes an entertaining comfort zone, fulfilling all the wishes of its residents, from a simple stereo system to a Dolby Surround sound system.