First Christmas Song

Wir wünschen eine besinnliche Weihnachtszeit!

First Christmas

Presented by Gregor Glanz – Music by Wham!


FIRST Christmas, I gave you my card,
and the very next day, you came to us – yay.
This year, to save you from fears,
we gave you a place very special.


Once been here and twice as high.
Let’s keep the distance and you will match the sky.
Tell me maybe, do you realize it,
well it’s been a year it wouldn’t surprise me.
We wrapped the deal, you signed it,
with a note saying: congrats, you made it.
Now I know how cool it’s been,
And if you come along,
please sing our FIRST Christmas song.



Crowded slopes, friends with smiling eyes,
We’re open for you, and you’re welcome guys,
My friend I tell you, your someone to rely on,
We, we’re here to give a shoulder to cry on.
A phase in the year with the fire in our homes,
A comfort cover on the beeeeed in our
now you found a real home for the future to stay in.